Man in de Maan

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In Inuit Legendes is de Man in de Maan de hoeder van de zielen van mensen en dieren. Sjamanen beweren dat ze het vermogen hebben om op te stijgen naar de Maan en met hem te praten.

Faerybeads Man in de Man - Argentium Silver 
Afmetingen: 11.9mm (breedte) x 13mm (hoogte) x 13.7mm (diepte)
Kern: 4.6mm
Gewicht: 8.8g

Ontwerp: Jenny Viola Lundqvist, Sita Porte

| Mandy 07-04-2016 21:27

Stunning head. The best moon there is with whimsy. A great start to my collection.

| Natalya Vorobyeva 12-12-2015 18:31

It is a fantastic bead and madly beautiful face!
Thanks to the artist!

| Cerene 27-01-2015 08:30

This is the a perfect bead! I love my little moon-faced boy :)

| Sabine 01-01-2015 15:30

I got the man in the moon for Christmas and i love him. He's such a beautiful bead!

| NL 15-12-2014 20:28

I have no idea how the artist was able to capture such a realistic, beautiful face out of silver on such a small surface. But they did, and I absolutely adore this bead.

| Nathalie 15-11-2014 00:18

My moon bead arrived today and it is gorgeous!!! The face is so sweet and perfect. Thank you for another treasure for my ever growing faerybeads collection.

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