Crouching Leopard Pendant

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The leopard is serenely at home in the trees, the jungle is where the leopard really shines. Stealthy, quiet, incredibly powerful, the leopard hunts in the trees and is agile enough to pursue monkeys and other arboreal creatures high above the jungle floor. The leopard is also adept at lying in wait on a tree branch and then dropping silently down on unsuspecting goats and antelopes.

The Leopard pendant fits all Faerybeads necklace chains, and most necklace chains or leathers from other major brands.

Faerybeads Leopard pendant - Argentium Silver
Size: 42mm (length) x 18.6mm (width) x 14.4mm (depth)  
Weight: 14.4g

Designer: Sita Porte

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