Lù - Prosperity, Status

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, representing status, honor, advancement to high office and rank.

The Sanxing "Three Stars", who are Fu, Lu, and Shou are the gods of the three stars and the three blessings of Prosperity (Fu), Status (Lu), and Longevity (Shou) in Chinese religion. These icons are thought to date back to the Ming dynasty, when the gods of the three stars were represented in human form for the first time. They are sometimes identified with other deities of the Chinese religion or of Taoism. 

The Lù dangle or pendant fits all Faerybeads bracelet and necklace chains and chains from major brands.

Faerybeads Lù dangle  - Argentium Silver
Size: 14.9mm (Ø), 24mm (length)
Core: 4.9mm
Weight: 4.8g

Designer: Sita Porte
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