Book of Wisdom

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"A book, that looks old and is leatherbound, to symbolize wisdom - the wisdom we might all be able to gain if we were able to learn from history - and its horrific mistakes." - Cornelia Aust

The winning entry of Faerybeads Fall 2016 design contest.

The symbol on the cover is the Tree of Life, Yggdrasil, as depicted on the famous Överhogdal tapestry from the Viking Age.

The Book of Wisdom bead fits all Faerybeads bracelet and necklace chains and most chains with similar diameter (max. 3.4mm) from other brands.

Faerybeads Book of Wisdom - Argentium® Silver
Size: 11.5 mm (height) x 11.2 mm (width) x 6.5mm (depth)
Core: 3.9 mm (inner ∅)
Weight: 4.8g 

Designer: Cornelia Aust, Sita Porte

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