Elder Futhark Runic Alphabet

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The Elder Futhark is the oldest form of the runic alphabets. Its inscriptions are found on artifacts (including jewelry, amulets, tools, weapons, and runestones) from the 2nd to 8th centuries.

Rune names stood for their rune because of the first phoneme in the name. The names come from the vocabulary of daily life and mythology, some trivial, some beneficent and some inauspicious.

ᛇ Eihaz / Yew tree 
ᛒ Berkanan / Birch
ᚺ Hagalaz /Hail
ᛟ Ōþalan / Property
ᛞ Dagaz / Day
ᛁ  Ïsaz / Ice
ᚾ Naudiz / Need
ᛏ Tiwaz / Tiwaz, Týr
ᛝ Ingwaz / Ingvi, Freyr
ᛋ Sowilo / Sun
ᚠ Fehu / Fé / Cattle
ᚢ Ūruz / Ur / Wild Ox, Water
ᚷ Geƀō / Gyfu / Gift
ᚹ Wunjō / Joy
ᚦ Þurisaz / Thurs / Thor / Giant
ᚨ Ansuz / Ōss / Æsir, God
ᚱ Raiđō / Reið / Ride, Journey
ᚲ Kaunan / Ulcer, Torch
ᛃ Jēraz / Ár / Harvest, Good Year
ᛈ Perþō / Pear tree
ᛉ Algiz / Elk
ᛖ Ehwaz / Horse
ᛗ Mannaz / Man
ᛚ Laguz / Lake, Water, Ocean 

Our Elder Futhark Rune beads fit all Faerybeads bracelet and necklace chains and most chains with similar diameter (max. 3.4mm) from other brands.

Faerybeads Elder Futhark Rune beads - Argentium® Silver
Size: 15mm x 15.0mm (outer ∅)
Core: 3.8mm (inner ∅)
Weight: 9.3g 

Designer: Sita Porte

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