Oak Tree Talisman Necklace

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Sacred tree and home to the Fae, the Oak leads the way. The new enchanting, original and versatile, all silver Oak Tree Talisman necklace allows you to wear your treasured Faerybeads in a unique way. 

Wear it at your usual length with Faerybeads for a classic look or wear it at unequal lengths for a playful lively ensemble. 

Our Talisman necklaces work best with Faerybeads beads.

Faerybeads Oak Tree Talisman necklace - Argentium® Silver

Size pendants: 30mm (heigth) x 6.5mm (width)
Weigth pendant: 5.5g (each)
Weight total: 20.0g (approximate incl. variable length of chain)

Designer: Sita Porte

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