Pair of Ravens

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Ravens are renowned for their extraordinary intelligence and problem-solving prowess. Scientists have dedicated extensive research to unravel the depths of their cognitive abilities, driven by fascination. But why do we refer to them as a "conspiracy"?

The enigma surrounding ravens is undeniable. Their intelligence is coupled with a mischievous and playful disposition, often observed as they engage in playful antics and pranks, seemingly just for their amusement. This mysterious allure extends beyond their intellect; it's entwined with their dark plumage and cryptic behaviours, endowing them with a mystique that links them to the supernatural realm.

The Common Raven, scientifically known as Corvus corax, is a highly intelligent and adaptable bird species found across much of the Northern Hemisphere. Known for its glossy black plumage, impressive size, and distinctive croaking calls, ravens have long captured human fascination and have been featured in myths, folklore, and literature throughout history. These birds are opportunistic omnivores, feeding on a wide range of food items, including carrion, insects, fruits, and even small mammals. Ravens are also renowned for their problem-solving abilities and complex social behaviours, making them one of the most intriguing and iconic members of the corvid family.

The Common Raven is notable not only for its intelligence but also for its complex family life. Ravens are known to form monogamous pairs that often remain together for life. They work together in raising their young, with both parents participating in building sturdy nests in trees or on cliffs. These nests are often reused year after year. Ravens are doting parents, carefully tending to their chicks, which are typically born in the spring. The young ravens stay with their parents for an extended period, learning essential survival skills and social behaviours from their experienced caregivers. This strong family bond adds another layer of fascination to the common raven's remarkable characteristics.

Pair of Ravens bead fits all Faerybeads bracelet and necklaces chains and most chains from major brands.

Faerybeads Pair of Ravens bead - Premium Silver
Size: 20mm (w) x 15mm (h) x 10mm (d)
Core: 4.0mm (inner ∅)
Weight: 4.5g 

Designer: Sita Porte

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