Nidhogg Viking Dragon Lock

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The Nidhogg Viking Dragon lock is inspired by the prows of ancient longships used by the Vikings to roam the seas to explore and colonize lands.

"Longships were a type of ship invented and used by the Norsemen (commonly known as the Vikings) for commerce, exploration and warfare during the Viking Age. Drekars likely differed only in the carvings of menacing beasts, such as dragons and snakes, carried on the prow of the ship. These carvings allegedly protected the ship and crew, and warded off the terrible sea monsters of Norse mythology. It is however likely that the carvings, like those on the Oseberg ship, might have had a ritual purpose, or that the purported effect was to frighten enemies and townspeople."

The Nidhogg Viking Dragon lock fits all Faerybeads bracelet and necklace chains and bracelet and necklace chains or leathers with similar sized ring/loop ends from other major brands.

Please note: this lock is slightly larger (4mm) in size. The inner length is the length you need to take into account when choosing your bracelet chain size. 

Expected shipping date: November 26th

Faerybeads Nidhogg Viking Dragon lock - Argentium® Silver / 935 Sterling Silver
Size: 34mm (length outer) / 25.1mm (length inner) x 19.3mm (heigth) x 11.7mm (width) 
Weight: 16.9g 

Designer: Sita Porte

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